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Reisdorf Bros. Inc. is proud to announce a new opportunity for North East dairy farmers, “DIRECT DAIRY PRODUCTS”.

“DIRECT DAIRY PRODUCTS” are molasses based liquid feed supplements, customized to your specific needs and delivered directly to your farm in full trailer loads from our new liquid feed blend plant located at Reisdorf Bros. Inc.

If you are a large producer and/or purchase full loads of feed supplements, “DIRECT DAIRY PRODUCTS” can offer you an even GREATER savings on your purchased feed cost, plus other advantages such as:

  • ease of feeding

  • improved palatability

  • increased dry matter intake

  • improved herd health

  • maximizes rumen microbial efficiency

  • a dense source of nutrients

  • excellent source of soluble carbohydrates

  • added fat when needed

  • unique protein sources

  • plus the ability to mix trace minerals, vitamins, and approved additives for dairy

If you are looking for an alternative to higher priced supplements, contact us at 585-535-7538 today and ask how “DIRECT DAIRY PRODUCTS” can help your bottom line.

“Complete” Liquid Supplements

Reisdorf Bros. Also carries a complete liquid Designed for free-choice lick Tanks, top-dress, and TMR’S

"Complete" liquid feed supplements are packed with protein, energy, vitamins, and minerals to meet your dairy animals’ supplemental nutritional requirements. Fed in lick tanks, "Dairy" –35% can supplement a pasture feeding program, supply all of your cows trace mineral and vitamin requirements in a TMR, and improve the palatability of poor forages and hay as a top-dress. It is very flexible and cost effective in most dairy programs and is targeted for medium sized beef and dairy operations.

"Heifer" - 24% w/ Bovatec is our liquid heifer supplement to be used free choice to supplement grazing or dry-lot heifers on several types of feeding programs. Supplementing dairy replacement heifers with Bovatec increases weight gain enabling earlier maturity and breeding. Heifers will enter the milk string at a younger age paying you dividends sooner.

BOVATEC is a registered trademark of Alpharma (animal health division)

“20% Reisdorf Dry Cow Supplement” is designed for providing the proper amounts of vitamins and minerals to maintain health and condition of dairy cows through calving and freshening. Because liquid feed contains no fiber, it is easier for dry cows to consume our “20% Reisdorf Dry Cow Supplement” inTMR’S or in lick tanks at a time when the cows Dry Matter Intakes are at its lowest point. Thus, liquid feed can help reduce a costly metabolic problem at freshening which can ruin that cows profitability to your herd.

"Complete" liquid supplements are fed in a range of 2-4 lbs. Per head per day. Significant cost savings can be realized, plus healthier animals, ease of feeding and more profit for your farming operation.

"Complete" liquid supplements are fed in a range of 2-4 lbs. Per head per day. Significant cost savings can be realized, plus healthier animals, ease of feeding and more profit for your farming operation.

Reisdorf Bros. Announce “BOVACHLOR” 

Bovachlor is an anionic liquid feed, designed specifically for the pre-fresh cow 14-21 days before calving. It’s unique in the fact that by being in liquid form, it has several advantages:

Palatability to cattle is greatly improved

  1. Palatability to cattle is greatly improved

  2. Bulk handling

  3. More accurate mixing in the TMR

  4. Less sorting

  5. Automated feeding

  6. No shrink or spoilage

  7. Can maintain DMI at higher levels

Bovachlor will be successful under the following conditions:

  1. A mineral pac meeting company specs is used in the ration

  2. Sound nutritional guidelines are used feeding anionic diets (feed Bovachlor at 2-3lbs/cow/day)

  3. DMI intakes must be monitored

  4. Urine PH must be taken (to adjust proper feeding rate of bovachlor)

  5. Proper farm feed management skills in place

“Feeding Tips From Reisdorf Bros.”

By Joseph M. Skawienski – Liquid Feed Manager, Reisdorf Bros.Inc.

I. Determine your standards and goals for liquids in your feeding program.
Example: COST vs. BENEFITS
Cost control can be used to place value added products in liquids such as, mold inhibitors, yeast, customized vitamin and trace mineral pacs, amino-acids, phosphoric acid, urea, and liquid methionine analog products just to name a few. These products can be blended in liquids at a reduced cost and are handled as a bulk ingredient in liquids.
Benefits of liquids can be labor savings because of the automation in the delivery equipment for liquids or as simple as a free-choice lick tank. Increasing Dry Matter Intakes, more milk production, and better herd health are more examples of benefits of liquids.

II. Use Balanced Rations with the latest research on the proper use of liquid forms of SUGAR in TMR’S to get their full benefit, or add our "Complete" liquid supplements on top of existing well-balanced programs to improve consistency and performance of the dairy herd. Reisdorf Bros.has access to the research and experience to unlock liquids full potential along with a trained nutritional staff to implement liquids successfully.

III. Finally, look at the bottom line. In most cases, liquids don’t cost, THEY PAY! Usually, they result in more cost effective rations or promote healthier more productive cattle. 

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